Step 1: Informal meet and greet   

Understanding you.  We enjoy meeting with brands to understand key challenges. The purpose of an informal meet and greet is to get to know each other. We learn more about where you've been and want to go and we discuss a broad strategy to get there. An outcome from this is a recap of key goals, challenges, resources, deadlines and approximate budget available. 

Step 2: Brief approval   

Understanding them. We distill our initial discussions into a detailed brief which we share for client sign off. Typically the brief will includes a problem summary, process to be followed, critical path, cross breakdown and gap analysis on critical success factors such as data. This serves as the benchmark for the way forward and work required to achieve the stated objectives. Outcomes includes formal approval of work to be done, costs estimates and T&Cs.

Step 3: Kick Off Meeting  

Pens, Papers and Sticky Notes. Here we work through a range of questions and stimuli to define the road-map and criteria for success. We look at changes and tweaks required from a brand perspective and/or process perspective to support flawless execution. Outcomes involve a defined timeline. Clarification on formal check in points and roles / responsibilities moving forward. 

Step 4: Concept delivery  

Ideas on paper. We explore solutions that meet the brief with special attention paid to fit for brand, needs of consumers / shoppers and practical delivery in retail. From here, we present the best ideas and you get to feedback exactly what you think – face-to-face. We’re not precious, we listen hard, but if we don’t feel the direction you’re heading is right, we will be upfront and honest. We work together to make it right. We provide at least two rounds of design amends within our cost estimates, to make sure we get it right and your vision is met.

Step 5: Production / Activation  

Ideas brought to life. Design and Build work commences bringing to life approved concepts. Where required, third party liaison will commence with our preferred suppliers; whether that’s a copywriter, printer, photographer or film team. SKYOO benefits from on-going relationships with a list of professional suppliers with the same quality of delivery with whom we we work together to deliver a seamless creative experience.

Step 6: Measurements / Debrief 

The important bits. Following output delivery, we provide a debrief on results vs. expected deliverables highlighted within the brief. We also want to make sure the brand assets are applied correctly once they are in the hands of your internal teams or other suppliers and support this with a clear set of guidelines to ensure consistency when launched in the public domain. Following completion, we enjoy helping clients celebrate a job well done. This is also your opportunity to toast the good bits and tell us anything you think we can do better… in preparation for the next brief!