What we do



brand insight

Questions we can help answer: Who is in the category? What are they doing? What channels are critical? What is the consumer opportunity?



brand definition

Questions we can help answer: Who are we at our core? What does the brand stand for? What makes us distinctive? Who loses when we win? What's in it for the consumer? How do we speak to them? What principles guide our actions?


brand planning 

Questions we can help answer: What is our objective? How should this translate into a target? How should we achieve it? What marketing levers are necessary to activate? How much will this cost? What are critical success factors to ensure success? 



buyer engagement  

Questions we can help answer: Who should we approach? What resource is required before, during and after? Are we ready to present? What is our consumer, shopper and retailer justifications to support listing? What is our investment strategy? What is our activation strategy? 

Activation: in-store  

Questions we can help answer: How does the brand objective translate in-store? What tools are available to drive shopper engagement? What is an appropriate level of spend? What is the most effective and efficient activation plan to drive a positive return on investment? Timelines. 

Activation: Consumer media

Questions we can help answer: How does the business objective translate into the marketing objective? who should you target? which channel is most appropriate? What is the appropriate message to drive consumer behaviour? What should this return? how much should this cost?